Busy Weekend

I had a fairly busy weekend photographing first Georgina Sentinella in and around Hereford and then on Sunday, Sandra in Birmingham. Both were fantastic to work with.

It’s always really fun working with new people. The first half of Georgina’s shoot was in Hereford City Centre. It’s not as shite a location as it potentially sounds. Hereford does have some nice spots inbetween all the less good areas.

I’m well practised in this style of photography, having done it so much with Fabric Forward’s Chloe Knott. On the surface its quite easy but, having done it so frequently, finding images to better previous ones is always the challenge.  Georgina really helped me on this with such a great look and loads of colour.


Then onto the tough bit. The frequency in which I forget to take old clothes whilst taking photos in cold and muddy places is getting out of hand. My poor Nikes.

I have used this location once before when our model Hiranya went into and even under the water. Considering it is March, I wasn’t even going to ask Georgina to go in but because she worked so well on the muddy bogs, which in themselves were incredibly tough, feeling terribly guilty I asked and she bravely went for it.

After snapchatting an image of Georgina in the lake to a few model friends, one replied “What is it with you and lakes!” which I think is a fair question.


Very pleased with those!

I met Sandra in Dudley of all places where we did some photos at the Priory Park which has some very interesting ruins. Sandra and I got on well very quickly and having such a good rapport is really helpful



We then headed to Winterbourne Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston for the second half of the shoot. It was a fantastic location and we loved the greenhouses which worked really well.

Birmingham Uni owns the gardens. It was delightful to come back to a part of the university after so long and then be treated as if I was something off the receptionist’s shoe as I asked if I could take photos. It really does demonstrate the lovely way Birmingham treat their Alumni.

Anyway, back to photos of a beautiful girl! We worked the greenhouse hard, staying in there for about 90 mins and it was really great fun.


Couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

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