Killer Series

First of all apologies for a severe lack of blogs recently. I have been really busy working all over the place (Scotland, London, Birmingham and South Wales)! I’ve got lots of work to share so there should be some good posts coming up after this one.

This is one of these full on slightly crazy set of photos I do every so often.

The set of photos of Chloe Knott was largely inspired by the TV series True Detective and The Red Riding Trilogy. After a lot of research I chose the Isle of Arran just off the coast of Scotland. It is a beautiful place full of beaches and stunning mountains. However, the mooreland type terrain was ideal for this set of images.

In the photos Chloe is basically running from a “killer”, hence the title of the series.


Chloe is incredible at these tough shoots and this really was. Scottish islands are not warm and especially not in water in February.

The second set is with Joe Mounfield playing the reverse role – the killer.

I feel like as a photographer it is easier to portray a victim. Mouny’s character is portrayed after committing a murder. We thought quite long and hard on what that would look like and decided that his character would be coursing with adrenaline. Elated at a long planned killing and also slightly freaked out about what he has just done.

It is a very weird thing to consider and very very dark but hopefully what we aimed for comes across in the photos.

Mouny -22Mouny -16Mouny -9Mouny -25Mouny -14Mouny -20Mouny -26

Mouny’s shoot was actually tougher than Chloe’s believe it or not. We did it on the highest mountain on the Brecon Beacons and it was absolutely freezing up there. Mouny was an absolute trooper and did a great job.


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