Game Shooting

Having lived in the country for a long time now I have somehow never attended a pheasant shoot.

I was graciously invited to a game shoot by Robert Fox in Stratford. I met him Robert a press job and occasionally on such jobs one can meet fascinating people and I chatted to Robert for ages and I cheekily asked if I could attend to take photos.

I was really nervous the night before. My darling girlfriend decided to do her best to wind me up all evening making up etiquette rules I had to follow.

Make sure you’ve polished the bottom of your shoes
Clap twice when anyone kills a pheasant
Make sure you don’t look at a pheasant in the eyes
Don’t say the word gun
Never walk on the left of anyone who is shooting

Took me about three hours to get out of her that the last one wasn’t true.

Next day I went over the meet up with everyone and they were are really welcoming and we started out on the shoot.


The guys looked after me really well. Luke (5th photo down) was running the shoot and made sure I didn’t get myself shot. At first I was quite far away from the shooters but they allowed me to get closer as the day went on.


I’m really keen on the image above. However, it also bugged for for the next hour. Its nice seeing the dog jump up like that as Richard goes to fire however I wished I had been front on.

As I carried on, that nagging doubt that I wouldn’t get anything like that shot again gnawed away.

However, I got some more good stuff.


On the final section I positioned myself near Richard with the vain hope that the dog might jump again.


Great dog!!

Here’s a few more just to round it off and a nice shot of a muntjac.


Really enjoyed the day and it provided a real insight into the world of game shooting. Very pleased with the photos and I got to take two pheasants home. I’m too squeamish to skin them though so hopefully someone else will come and help with that!



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