Jack Chambers and Holly Hickman at Conquest

This was a really fun shoot. I’ve worked with Jack and Holly separately before – Jack quite a few times as we both toured with Forge’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream last summer.

It was really nice to bring them together for a shoot – I knew they were good friends and Matt Owen came to assist me so we had a bit of a blast all day.

We used my local theatre because I knew they had very nicely lit fitting rooms. We used the mirrors and the natural light to get some cool images.


We then to the back of the stage where there is this cool little corridor where the actors move between the wings during shows.

Here’s a fun pic of Jack in a similar corridor in Birmingham from Midsummer!


He was however, looking considerable cooler on this shoot.


We moved onto the stage and after a brief lightsaber fight we did our best to light the stage because sadly we had no access to the theatre lights.

Photography is so stressful these days that it was really nice to get a few nice shots in the bag and to then just take some fun pics and have a play with our two excellent models.


And the fun ones


Lastly we did a couple shots of using the seats in the theatre and that was that.


Couldn’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Saturday, amazing job Jack and Holly and thanks as always to Matt for being a terrific assistant!

Here’s a behind the scenes vid – 600 views in 12 hrs so it must be worth watching!



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