Shoot at The Savoy Theatre

This was a really experimental shoot.

Ideas has flown all over the place in the previous week and ultimately we tried to do a shoot loosely based on the play “The Dresser”

We had two models playing the actors – Aea Varfis-van Warmelo and Arthur Godden. Then our other two models playing their dressers – Joe Mounfield and Kell Chambers. Matt Owen set up the lighting in the theatre, and tried to keep everyone in order!

We went to the oldest theatre in Wales which unfortunately had the most modern dressing rooms I’ve ever seen.

We worked around it and found this fantastic green wall in a neighbouring room and started with the photos there.

DRESSER_26editDresser editDRESSER_31editDRESSER_35_edit


We then moved into the stage area and basically had a play with the idea that the two dressers were getting incredibly stressed because the actors weren’t actually very good and didn’t know what they were doing. In “The Dresser” itself the actor is ageing and his life is falling apart and his dresser tries to keep him going. We didn’t want to go as far as that but the idea is similar.


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