The Team

For so long in my photography career I worked on my own: university sport, professional sport (though I did have an amazing mentor) and press.

I am not looking for a sad song to be played. I just want to stress what an incredible thing it has been to take some of the best photos of my career surrounded and aided by the team we have. This blog is a tribute to their brilliance.

Here are a few shots of us on short films.


I first worked with them on Romeo and Juliet which was a Hereford Sixth Form Production. I was working for SWNS when I was asked if I wanted to do it. It was a big commitment because it was another 15 hrs a week working on top of the regular 60.

However, Hereford Sixth Form is the best college in the country for a reason and their drama department is amazing.

This is where I met most of the team.

Teja Boocock is the leader, the captain, the visionary of our team. Owner of Forge Production House, she has organised and led a national theatre tour of A Midsummer Nights Dream, directed 5 short films, 8 plays and she is only 19.


As a director she is phenomenal. She inspires an incredible work ethic within the actors and crew and leads by example – a hard task masker but always there to help and advise. Teja is a visionary and has created some of the most beautiful, dark and spine-tingling scenes you could wish to see.


Incredible sequence in Teja’s Frankenstein.

For me she is a dream to work with. She understands the right way to use photography to promote shows and short films. She always gives me an opportunity to do a photo-shoot and allows me to take rehearsal photos.

The Midsummer promo shoot was an example of her brilliance. She came up with the idea for the shoot: using flour, paint and confetti. I was, in all honesty, rather sceptical about flour …


I was wrong …

Moreover, we work together when directing models and actors on shoots, but she is a master at it.

Twenties shoot at Home Lacey House

She is brilliant at make up for shows and shoots.


Teja is the most talented person I’ve ever met and the leader of our team.

Here we are together on a photo-shoot after she had thoroughly taken the piss out of my shirt.


Matt Owen, currently down at London Central School of Speech and Drama, has done the lighting for many of the shows we have worked on and done such a great job.


His lighting for Frankenstein was so dark and twisted.


In Pool No Water it was so dynamic, stylised and fresh


On Romeo and Juliet he learnt from Jamie Thompson, who works on music tours for the Script and Bastille.


He, like Teja, understands the value of photography and videography in promoting productions and is superb at directing actors and models. He is a good videographer to boot!

He works at 6 festivals a summer for Festival Republic, while regularly joining us for photoshoots and short films.

An amazing talent and someone who is a great creative force while being superb on the technical side.

Here he is with Joe Mounfield when someone told them I had a new blog. Mouny will be profiled later


Chloe Knott is first and foremost an actor. She has been in nearly all of our productions. The lead in Pool No Water and Summer Falls, she first caught everyones eye in Frankenstein. Playing Justine Mortiz she stunned many with her performance and since then has been the first name on the wish-list of our actors.


She gave an incredibly mature yet emotional performance in Pool. NTI_POOL_50

Taking on the lead role in Summer Falls was a big deal because it was our first film. Needless to say she was once again terrific.


Its also behind the camera where Chloe has proven to be key. She has produced another of our short films and organises everyone on the big shoots we do.

Having recently moved to Glasgow she has modelled for me many times now and has a great blog on this link


IMG_3639Chloe Knott in Glasgow

Chloe along with Matt make our group stylish. Two annoyingly good looking people.


Not really fair is it!

Onto MounyJoe Mounfield that is. One picture sums up mouny best I think


(mental assylum, dressed in Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula Jacket)

Mouny is the coolest of cats. Having played Tybalt, Victor Frankenstein and Oberon he again is one of the first names on the team sheet for productions.


He has done more shoots with me than anyone else. He trusts my creativity to push boundaries, try ambitious shoots and he delivers every time. He is tremendously talented, an actor through and through. Moreover he has an infectious personality and is someone you want to have on your project.


Arthur Godden joined the group slightly later than anyone else. His first production with us was Pool No Water. He’s a superbly talented actor and a very good model.

In Pool he delivered a terrific performance.


He then wowed us on the final day of filming on Summer Falls.


And since then along with Mouny he has been the go to male for photoshoots. An incredibly conscientious person, his work ethic matches his talent which is of the highest order. And he’s stupidly good looking.


Headshots! Actors love them

Arthur Godden in BristolARTHUR_BRISTOL_43ARTHUR_BRISTOL_37

I first worked with Aea van Warmelo on R and J where I discovered how photogenic she was.


She’s got enormous talent and phenomenal focus and determination. She performed at the Fringe this year.

We have worked together on a couple of productions since but mainly on photoshoots.


Aea is one of the four horsemen which you have seen photos of above. Check out her blog on that shoot here:

I love working with her. She is a good photographer herself and understands what makes a good photo so can adapt they way she models very well.


Alex Walton is a class worker. Always at shoots, always coming up with ideas and always helping manage all the equipment.

He has been grip in the films and I suppose a similar role on shoots but he adds much more. Superb on our recent two shoots (gangster and 20s) he is a critical member of the team. I have come to rely on him quite a lot on photoshoots and he’s someone I always want present.

Jamie Long is much more involved in productions rather than my shoots. He and Alex managed lighting and at all the theatres on Midsummer Tour, and both were critical members on Summer Falls when we had such a tight effective crew.




They all become fed up when I went in the photo rather than Jamie!!

Recently, we’ve worked with some great young models which are becoming part of our team which seems to be getting wider and wider

Jack Chambers has modelled for me a number of times now and was also on Midsummers Tour.


Sara Lothian-Mclean has done a couple of really cool shoots with us

Twenties shoot at Home Lacey HouseHOME_LACEY_MODELS_44GANGSTERS07

And lastly Holly Hickman did her first shoot with me recently which was great.


I must finally add that Hereford Sixth Form College is the breeding ground for all this incredible talent. Exciting times ahead with these amazing people.




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