Forge Production House Summer Tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Photoshoot

Teja Boocock, a good friend of mine owns Forge Production House and decided to direct and tour A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the summer. I was company photographer for the promo shots, rehearsals and tour.

We did the promo shots very early, back in January. We made quite a mess but got good results! Flour … who knew!

We used confetti for the lovers and tried to convey their characters as best we could in the photos. The two guys only interested in Hermia while jealous Helena looks on.

Chloe Knott (Helena), Tom Fitzwilliams (Demetrius) , Imogen Jones (Hermia) Kell Chambers (Lysander)
Chloe Knott (Helena), Tom Fitzwilliams (Demetrius) , Imogen Jones (Hermia) Kell Chambers (Lysander)


And that the love story is rather a mess.

The Pucks, apart from nearly suffocating on flour, had a really good shoot. We had two pucks played Ben Butler and Sally Wood and they had a great dynamic in the shoot and more importantly in the show!

Sally Wood and Ben Butler (Pucks)
Sally Wood and Ben Butler (Pucks)


Titania was suposed to be elegant and beautiful yet strong, Oberon moody and powerful

Joe Mounfield (Oberon)
Ella-Rose Jones (Titania)



Finally, the mechanicals we shot with paint. Paint plus flour to clean up was not fun

They had so much energy and we blasted some music and got them to dance and lob paint at each other.

Holly Clack (Starvling), Breane Burton (Bottom), Marcos Spalding (Quince) and Jack Chambers (Flute) Liv Hutton (Snug)
Holly Clack (Starvling), Liv Hutton (Snug), Jack Chambers (Flute), Breane Burton (Bottom), Marcos Spalding (Quince)


Here are the posters

11082374_1610301822534885_6324516907277383086_o 1900194_1610302039201530_2031689130978249325_o 11063797_1609507249281009_5726466450620471950_o 1548063_1609507502614317_1035699842656781955_o (1)

Here is a link for rehearsals – click the image below

Midsum collage

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