Twenties Shoot at Home Lacey House

I had the idea to do a 20s inspired shoot in the grounds of Home Lacey House. We turned to a trusted favourite of ours, Arthur Godden, to play our male. I have worked with Arthur numerous times and he’s very talented and a good lookin boy.

For our girl, a friend recommended Sara Lothian-Mclean. Its always exciting working with new people and Sara fitted into our way of working right away.

We had most of the team on this one, Teja Boocock, Alex Walton and Chloe Knott on tech, make up etc.

The plan to shoot outside evaporated very quickly as the rain hammered down.

The rain hammering down

Soaked, we made our way into Home Lacey House and they very kindly allowed us to use certain parts of the inside of the hotel. The staircase was fantastic, it took a long time to get the shot right everyone was excited about that image.

On the mirror shot we wanted to create an undertone of mystery about the couple


We made a video to go with the photos, filmed by Teja Boocock and myself

Thank you to Barbara Hockley for the outfits.


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