Bring your friend to work day …

My boss told me I had to sort out some photos of the so called bumper crop apple harvest of this year.

The press say its always a bumper crop so it makes a news story.

After an intense week of court and other nasty news stories I set aside Friday to visit the Wye Fruit factory in Ledbury and then go onto an apple orchard in Ross on Wye.

I called up Matt who was up from London and asked him to come and help me on both stills and video. He’s quality so its always good to have him around.

First we set off for the most important part of the day which was to buy Resident Evil on PS4 and after doing that we headed to the Wye Fruit Factory.

We put on our flattering caps and jackets:


It was interesting to see how the factory worked and it made some nice shots



Then we took off the gorgeous fashion accessories we had been given and with great sadness returned them.

We decided to totally overdress for the orchard


Anyway … the guys at the orchard were lovely and gave us total access. Matt continued to focus on video while I did stills.



We then got put up in the fork lift. I hate heights and the amount of times I find myself on a fork lift or similar to take ariel photos is basically far too often. My boss had optimistically asked if I could get a very wide ariel shot of the whole orchard … I delivered this.


Got some more really nice photos from up there

Matt did some great video work

We took our last few shots and headed off to stop with our friend in Monmouth – Hey Mouny – for our photo-shoot at Raglan Castle the next day and some much needed Resident Evil … which turned out to be rubbish

IMG_3309 IMG_3527

It made Mail online but only in weather which was disapointing

And then there was a gorgeous set used in the local paper which of isn’t a national spread but it was cute.

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