Sir Antony Sher and Jockey Richard Johnson for the Times

This was a busy but exciting week back in March. I photographed Sir Antony at the RSC in Stratford. As a very young photographer I heard stories of famous people giving photographers only 5 minutes of their time and was terrified of this ever happening to me. Sir Antony gave me 12 minutes. Despite the rush my ambitious idea to shoot from high up looking down onto the Death of a Salesman set worked.

My favourite shot with the Death of A Salesman set in the background

Being a huge theatre fan I cheekily asked if there were any press tickets available for the weekend and me and my girl had a wonderful Saturday night watching the show

In contrast Richard Johnson, perhaps the second greatest jump jockey of the last decade only after AP Mccoy, gave me 90 minutes to do photos with him and his family. I’d love to pretend the rocking horse was an inspired idea of mine but really it was perfectly set up for me and all I had to do was to ask the family to stand around it. More photos followed outside and I was delighted with my spread in Grand National pullout.

A nice shot in the stables
A nice shot in the stables



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